0404 409 242

Information, reports and comments about the mobile phone number 0404409242.

Reports and Other Statistics
Safe Caller: 0
Unsafe Caller: 1
Searches: 56
Comments: 1

Is 0404 409 242 safe or not?

Most recent search date: September 22, 2018. Most recent report date: June 22, 2018.

General Information
International Format + 61 404 409 242
Country Australia
Phone Type Mobile
Mobile Phone Company Vodafone

Originally, mobile phone number 0404 409 242 allocated to the Vodafone company. However, this may have changed due to number portability or usage by a mobile virtual network operator.

Comments about 0404409242

Caller Type: Unknown

Spam call using a recorded message to sell financial advice. I've got the same phone call from different numbers in the past couple of days. So annoying.

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Caller Type: Scam

Scam artist who managed to get into the real estate market. Nothing ethical, sincere or genuine about this person. Loud, obnoxious and clearly over compensating for both a lack of self confidence and knowledge of linguistics. Overly persistent with no boundaries.
Caller Type: Unknown

Caller Type: Unknown

These people keep harassing me even though I say I'm not interested in whatever shit they're trying to sell. "I'm not interested don't call me again" "if you weren't interested you would've hung up the phone" "I'm not interested and I'm having tea, do not call my phone again" Then the clown called me unprofessional? Haha The dude claims to be the accounts manager of some shit company and can make me magic money somehow. This is the the 5th call I've had. So persistent.
Caller Type: Prank Call

Disgusting person.
Caller Type: Unknown

Goes through women faster this. He changes his underwear. Disgusting sex addict type who thinks he’s charming but he’s not. He thinks he fools everyone but he doesn’t. Acts in a manner that is revolting towards women. Disgusting. Women beware. This is not a good man and he will harass the daylights out of you. I know women who have changed their number and moved away because of this person. He speaks openly about his prior life and he has had a VERY checkered past, VERY. It is astonishing what he has gotten away with and surprising that Australia allows him here.