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Caller Type: Telemarketer

Network group that calls from many different numbers
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Caller Type: Unknown

I got a call from this number with the location : Sydenham. I think it’s from the Deer Park Medical Centre. I got a missed call and voicemail confirming an appointment.
Caller Type: Scam

Called our switch board harassing our receptionist to speak with someone who hasn’t ever been employed by our company. We were not sure if he was a fraud or trying to steal private information for an untoward purpose, but he commenced to disclose personal information of this person in an attempt to help us identify if we knew of such a person, however last I checked it was illegal to disclose someone’s date of birth and home address without written consent. He kept asking further personal questions to our receptionist such as what was the receptionist first and last name and then asked her what suburb she lived. She obviously refused to provide personal information as this breaches the privacy act. He then started to become rude possibly thinking she was purposely not helping him, but the matter of fact was there was no such person by that name. She politely asked him if it was related to a sales enquiry so she could transfer him to a sales consultant but he was more intent on asking personal questions. Our receptionist advised him that she would be terminating the call if he was not wishing to speak with someone else where he then called her an incompetent idiot, which at that stage decided to terminate the call. Luckily our call centre is an inbound sales team, we were able to conduct a data search based on the number that came up on the screen, and located that date and time data file of the conversation. We have handed it to the police as a safety precaution. We subsequently did some research online and located additional information such as what suburb he resides, it was public information so we just kept it as a precaution. Should anyone receive a call from this person, do not provide any personal information. We now believe he may be using personal information for untoward purposes. Our caller id system recorded his number as being: 0406 380 341 which we have established is an Optus number linked to the same name he provided our switch board (Rob or a Robert Radviani). After further discussions with our staff we were also able to establish that he had called several prior times and spoken to other staff rostered on previous weeks and pin pointed these dates and went back to our server and found he had called 4 other times from 4 different numbers; 02 8651 5749, 02 8651 5727, 02 8651 5282, 02 86515254. On every occasion he was abrupt, disrespectful, and unclear as to what he was calling about. More of an FYI please note these details as required. Thankyou Jason.
Caller Type: Debt Collector

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