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Caller Type: Debt Collector

Careful who you screw with Sharyne.... A truly evil, trouble making thing. Karma will do her over
Caller Type: Non-profit Organization

A seriously mentally disturbed self absorbed person with no empathy compassion for others and a true looser in life who’s uses people and takes now ownership of themselves stay clear do this person before they damage u mentally with there B S
Caller Type: Debt Collector

These people are debt collectors with no scruples. They will harass you until your dying day. They have no respect for a persons privacy at all!
Caller Type: Scam

Got the ‘Department of Homeland Affairs’ scam message when receiving a call, only to call back and have an old Asian lady say she didn’t call me
Caller Type: Unknown

Called. Didnt speak when answered. Hung up. Rang back multiple times but automatically hangs up without ringing. Most likely scam or dodgey sales.

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