(02) 8412 8247

Information, reports and comments about the landline phone number 0284128247.

Reports and Other Statistics
Safe Caller: 0
Unsafe Caller: 2
Searches: 119
Comments: 2

Is (02) 8412 8247 safe or not?

Most recent search date: September 17, 2021. Most recent report date: July 27, 2021.

General Information
International Format + 61 2 8412 8247
Area Code (02)
Phone Type Landline
Country Australia
Region Central East Region
Geographical Area North Sydney
Area Map

Landline phone number 02 8412 8247 area is North Sydney . However, it may also be located anywhere in the Australia.

Comments about 0284128247

Phil Hatcher
Caller Type: Scam

Called my elderly mother & conned her into giving Visa card details for some wonder cure.
Wim vdBerg
Caller Type: Scam

Caller called James said that he was from "myHealthCare" on this phone number, but no such organisation exist, he was reluctant to provide their registered address, and wanted all sorts of intrusive medical details, and presumably with intent to sell something or worse to get your credit card details, and scam you. He ubrubly hung up when I insisted I wante to know their registered address, which all organisations or firms have to have as part of thier legitiamate business registration.

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Caller Type: Unknown

Number rang twice, called back it answered " (unknown) Australian Research company
Caller Type: Scam

when you ring the number back you recieve a fake optus telco message stating that the number is not connected.
Caller Type: Unknown

Financial Management Solutions group, financial advisors. You would have a relationship with them if you do get a call from this landline number.
Caller Type: SMS

txt from +61439685162 fucking shitheads got nothing better to do claimed my debit card was showing suspicious transaction and to call (02)800-62-219
Caller Type: Unknown

This caller is safe. It is a Transport Company trying to organise a home delivery day for an online purchase.