0402 940 964

Information, reports and comments about the mobile phone number 0402940964.

Reports and Other Statistics
Safe Caller: 1
Unsafe Caller: 16
Searches: 369
Comments: 5

Is 0402 940 964 safe or not?

Most recent search date: January 21, 2019. Most recent report date: December 30, 2018.

General Information
International Format + 61 402 940 964
Country Australia
Phone Type Mobile
Mobile Phone Company Optus

Originally, mobile phone number 0402 940 964 allocated to the Optus company. However, this may have changed due to number portability or usage by a mobile virtual network operator.

Comments about 0402940964

hooker booker
Caller Type: Unknown

thought his name was John ....who knows who cares. this is one disgraceful animal. booked two of our escorts and denied booking them when they arrived after they said no to his request of paying them afterwards. absolute jerk known for giving fake cheques as payment . always has a heap of coke with him
Caller Type: Scam

Ice addict with herpes. Beware!
Caller Type: Scam

Peter is a great guy always willing to help
Another sex worker
Caller Type: Unknown

Peter is seemingly a meth addict. Unstable, threatening. Delusional. Does not want to provide ID.
random person
Caller Type: Prank Call

Peter at this number called a sex worker and then denied all and got hostile when asked for ID for prescreening

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Caller Type: Debt Collector

Caller Type: Debt Collector

Chasing him for fraud, took money for contacts under bright eyes contacts now phone disconnected
Caller Type: SMS

Emailed saying i have your jacket...
Caller Type: SMS

Received and SMS about sex the night before via this number.
Caller Type: Political Call

Warns you tgat if you dont accept the final warning from the taxation office yoi will face penalties