0432 837 708

Information, reports and comments about the mobile phone number 0432837708.

Reports and Other Statistics
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Unsafe Caller: 0
Searches: 2
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Is 0432 837 708 safe or not?

Most recent search date: August 14, 2019.

General Information
International Format + 61 432 837 708
Country Australia
Phone Type Mobile
Mobile Phone Company Optus

Originally, mobile phone number 0432 837 708 allocated to the Optus company. However, this may have changed due to number portability or usage by a mobile virtual network operator.

Comments about 0432837708

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Caller Type: Unknown

No leave message.
Caller Type: Unknown

Calls but leaves no message. Unsure of caller
Caller Type: Survey

She the sexy bitch around Olson, I wanna bang her so fucking hard!
Caller Type: Prank Call

Has someone contacted me from this number claiming to be from the black web. He said he was from 'the human body parts ring' trying to sell me body parts saying you can stuff them & turn them into lamps ECT.
Caller Type: Scam

Caller name: Nic Aston (fraud) Where does one begin... a man full of lies & deceit. Lovely ladies, he has no intention of assisting you, pleasing you, helping you. He is a lying scammer with the absence of care and consideration for any being apart from himself. I likewise met him via a dating site. His apparent high IQ is completely unevident as noted through his poor punctuation & lack of communication skills. Not a word from him is truthful. I have noted the address of this ‘Scotty’ friend alongside numberplates... this number, & a number of photographs of him all under which have been formally reported to authority. A man like so should not be free to roam the streets, he is hurting innocent women & I will be saddened to see him walk freely as a fraudulent man. No place in society. Red hair, obese, wears wrist band has strange marking on right eye, Caucasian. If you come into contact with this number, this man at any point in time PLEASE make a formal complaint to crime stoppers and any other associated legal authorities. Any detail is of help, formal legal action MUST be taken as there is no place in society for behaviour as such.