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Disgusting person, filthy filthy. Liar's through his teeth, would not know the truth if it bit him on his limp dick
Caller Type: SMS

SCUM, sends filthy text messages
Caller Type: Scam

Christopher M Drew SCAMMER!!! Ripped us off, promised artwork painting at business. Do not trust him. Spoken to other businesses he has ripped off. He has a gambling addiction. Lives in the west. Parents live in Rowville.
Caller Type: Unknown

If anyone wants to know about his ex and wants to see all the emails and videos more then happy to show them to the public she had to leave dungog because she was screwing her boss it runs in the family because her mother did it to ask who her dad is she doesn’t even know because her mother slept around
Caller Type: Unknown

Fucking Psychopath!

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